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booklist Stefan Mickisch (selection)


Here I give books that were important to me and it was that they contradicted my previous basic opinion, supported them or they have changed. Music and the humanities, philosophy and religion (s), seal / literature, myths, history and natural sciences are an essential part of my almost insatiable interests and are included in my lecture concerts. I have never seen myself as a one-sided musician or even close "Wagnerian", but always aspired to universality and admired talents on foreign terrain, and I feel like Aristotle, who in his own words "wanted to know everything, and exactly as possible".

Besides the joy of interpreting musical I think so too Richard Wagner's holistic efforts to get close without wanting to even hide his opponents.

I am also for your book suggestions or comments, dear visitors of my webpage, open-minded.

You can reach me at buero(at)mickisch.de

My basic tip:
Read as little as possible newspaper (ideally no), but only books with niveau. This introduces considerable spiritual progress and an education that is based on essential things, and avoids superfluous.

I use the principle of orthography before the "spelling reform"

(so far I do not make mistakes here ...)